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Colourful and decorative materials

» MDF with milled 3D surface
» Bamboo lamellas on textile
» Colored laminate
» Colored veneer
» Lightweight lumber-core board with MDF facing
» Decorative high pressure laminate board
» MDF melamin resin coated
» Colour-stained chipboard
» Linoleum
» Concrete formwork panel
» PU-based coating system on birch plywood, yellowish
» PU-based coating system on OSB, reddish
» HDF panel B1
» MDF with mineral finish resembling concrete
» Birch plywood with black phenolic film finish
» Birch plywood with blue phenolic film finish
» Birch plywood, brown phenolic film finish
» Birch plywood, green phenolic film finish
» Birch plywood, red phenolic film finish
» Birch plywood, melamine film finish
» Birch plywood, phenolic film finish
» Laminboard GFK, white
» MDF coloured black, varnished
» MDF composite panel with stone-like finish
» Perforated HDF panel
» MDF coloured black, fire-retardant
» MDF coloured blue
» Coloured MDF, brown
» MDF coloured black, slotted on one side
» MDF coloured green
» MDF coloured orange
» MDF coloured red
» MDF coloured yellow
» MDF/HDF coloured blue
» MDF/HDF coloured red
» MDF/HDF coloured yellow

» Materials with ready-to-use finish
» Perforated or embossed panels
» Textured surfaces

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