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Oriented Strand Board

OSB is a panel product developed primarily for use in construction. It now enjoys a wide range of applications including use in interiors as a visible finish.

OSB stands for "Oriented Strand Board" which aptly describes its structure. OSB is manufactured from 12 cm long and 0.4 mm thin rotary-cut veneer strips or so-called strands. The strands are arranged as far as possible in a longitudinal direction, determining a main span direction. Some products include a central layer where the strands are arranged perpendicularly to the facing layers in order to improve its edge stability and strength in both directions.

The long strands in comparison to chipboard requires less bonding material. Coniferous woods are the favoured raw material, and can be won locally from forested woodland.

OSB’s structural properties are described in the DIN EN 300, which denotes a classification in 4 groups according to use:
1 – simple load
2 – load-bearing building element in interior use (dry)
3 - load-bearing building element in exterior use (increased moisture, no direct contact with water)
4 - special load cases

According to the European Panel Federation in 2003 around 2.4 million cubic meter of OSB was produced in Europe.

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