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H 8001

Wood based material produced using extrusion technology

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Wood based material produced using extrusion technology

Short Description
Extrudierter Werkstoff auf Holzbasis

This material consists of wood, starch in the form of maize and plastic with additives and is produced using extrusion technology. The raw materials are processed to a granulate material in the first step before profiles are formed into any shapes using an adequate extrusion machine with an extrusion tool.

Profiles made from this composition of materials are conceived for further processings with conventional machines and materials in the woodworking branch. The surface can be painted with water-based lacquers. The material can also be coated with foils and laminates as well as veneers (EVA-PO-hotmelt). In addition powder-coating or the addition of pigments to the mixture allow for a wide variety of design possibilities.

Depending upon requirements the composition of the material can vary (e.g. outdoor applications).

- Interior door surrounds, furniture
- Profiles for floor, wall and ceiling
- Window sills
- Picture frames
- Profiles for technical applications

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