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Hardboard is a high-density wood fibreboard and a standard material used in furniture making and interior furnishing and fitting. The production process results in one very smooth side and a rougher side embossed with a woven textile indentation.

Hardboard is made of sawmill or forestry remainders. Using steam and heat, the wood is mechanically broken down into fibres. In the wet production process, the water is extracted from the pulp by pressing the pulp against a sieve and then pressed into panels under high pressure. The natural wood resin serves as an adhesive. In the dry production process, the fibres are first dried and then pressed together using additional resin adhesives to form a panel.

Depending upon the surface treatment, hardboard can be used for a variety of purposes. It is well suited for painting, varnishing, coating with films and veneer. The panel has a dark brown colouring. Its properties can be influenced through the addition of additional bonding agents. Hardboards principle advantages are its stable form, light weight, resilience and low cost.

Hardboard is also available with film coatings e.g. in white or with wood patterning.

- Furniture manufacturing
- Construction
- Interior furnishings
- Automotive industries
- Packaging
- Poster backing and panelling

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